The Way We Do Business

The B&B Way

  • Philosopy: We founded B&B Builders in 1993 with the idea of offering clients the highest levels of quality and service at the lowest possible price. This idea has become our way of doing business and is something we strive for every day. Another key ingredient, that may have been seen as a weakness was our lack of experience working for another general contractor before founding B&B. However, over the years we have found this to be a tremendous benefit as we have not been constrained by pre-conceived idea of how a project should be managed. Rather, we have set up a company based on the way we thought it should be done, how we would want it done if it were our own home.
  • Process: Over the years we have gained a lot of wisdom in the school of hard work, as well as the school of hard knocks. This wisdom has been incorporated into a process that makes our company work and hopefully keeps us from learning the same thing twice. Hundreds of choices and decisions make up the final project. Along with the things listed below, B&B has developed an extensive quality checklist that is followed on each project.
  • Supervision: This is what makes us different from most builders. Where most builders spend less than 10hrs per week on any given project, we spend 30-40 hrs per week on an average project and more when required. Service, quality, integrity, schedule, cost, owner’s priorities, wants, and needs all suffer when inadequate supervision is available on any given project.
  • Communication: Over the years we have learned the necessity of communication for a successful project. This starts with providing the required amount of supervision for a given project and then following up with a process that works. In addition to job walks, email, phone calls, and text messages, B&B has developed a web based RFI (Request for Information) system that tracks project communication and keeps the owner, designer, architect, project supervisor and manager all up to date on the project.
  • Build Your Dream: While there are many “Custom Home Builders” the definition of what that means may be as varied as the number of “Custom Home Builders. At B&B we believe it’s your home and it should be built just as you dreamed it would be. While we do have some standard finishes that we often use, we welcome you on the jobsite and encourage your input on each and every item that goes into your home. As a result, each custom home B&B builds is unique and has something that no other home does. Our level of supervision combined with great communication and a proven process can help you “Build Your Dream”.
  • Quality: Quality is relative and our goal is to help each client find a balance between wants, needs, and the available budget. Ultimately we want to offer high levels of quality at the lowest possible price, with respect to the project budget. Weekly quality checks are completed by the project supervisor to ensure that the project is completed correctly.
Large, luxurious entrance to a custome home