Frequently Asked Questions

Ben and Brent founded B&B Builders in 1993 with an idea of offering clients the highest levels of quality and service at the lowest possible price. That idea has become a way of doing business. In addition to over 40 years of combined construction experience Ben received a degree in industrial technology while Brent received a master’s degree in accounting.

While our core of work is in SE Idaho, NW Wyoming, NE Utah and SW Montana we have the capability and willingness to go outside those locations and are willing to look at any project and determine if it makes sense for us and the client.

B&B Builders specializes in high end custom homes but has also completed many light commercial and remodel projects. We are willing to look at any project and consider the benefits to the client of having us involved.

We offer complete turnkey general contracting. We welcome the opportunity to work with your designer and architect or if you need those services we can provide complete design build services.

Yes, depending on the project we offer in house design and drafting services and also work with several design and architectural firms when needed.

The simple answer to that question is anywhere from $140 per square foot to over $500 per square foot. But it’s not that simple, asking that question is a lot like calling a car dealership and asking “how much do you charge per pound?” While a heavy car may cost more than a light car, weight is not a direct function to a vehicles cost. Plan complexity, materials, finishes, options and desired quality will all have large impacts on your project cost.

Yes, for most projects we can complete accurate cost estimates. If your plans and specs are complete and accurate the estimate will be as well.

We suggest having a meeting to discuss your project to determine the general level of quality, finishes and the scope of the project. After this meeting we can complete a rough estimate to determine the feasibility of the project. If the project looks feasible, a retainer is required to start the design build process. Retainer fees vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

The best companies aren’t the cheapest, but consider this: they’re probably not the most expensive either. Great companies deliver good value. An honest builder charges at or below market value for the level of service and quality product they provide. Very seldom is the cheapest price the best choice for a custom home builder.

Yes, we offer fixed cost and cost plus contracts.

We do monthly invoices for the work completed to date. The invoice will include details of all labor, material, subcontracts and any fees. Monthly invoices are then due with-in 10 days of the client receiving them.

Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured general contractor. Upon signing a contract you will be named as an additional insured and given a certificate of our insurance.

This is what makes it all work and what makes us different from most builders. Where most builders spend less than 10hrs per week on any given project, we spend 30-40 hrs per week on an average project and more when required. Service, quality, integrity, schedule, cost, owner’s priorities, wants, and needs all suffer when inadequate supervision is available on any given project.

We encourage our clients to be involved in the project. In addition to the weekly scheduled job walks with our clients, we welcome clients on the jobsite any time. It’s your home and to “Build Your Dreams” we want and need your involvement.

While there are many “Custom Home Builders” the definition of what that means may be as varied as the number of Custom Home Builders. At B&B we believe it’s your home and it should be built just as you dreamed it would be. While we do have some standard finishes that we typically use, we welcome you on the jobsite and encourage your input on each and every item that goes into your home. As a result, each custom home B&B builds is unique and has something that no other home does. Our level of supervision, combined with great communication and a proven process, can help you “Build Your Dream”.

This will depend on the scope of the project and can be anywhere from four months to two years, or longer. Once the scope of your project is determined and plans and specs are completed we will customize a schedule for your project using project scheduling software.

You may want to start by purchasing a copy of our book “Building a Quality Custom Home”. This book will explain in greater detail the steps to Building Your Dreams. Or you can contact Ben at 208-681-4681 or for more information. We look forward to working with you.